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Capricious adj. led by a sudden, odd notion or unpredictable change; changing behavior suddenly 





Cassie Leachman (she/her/hers)


Originally from Columbus, Ohio, Cassie moved to Syracuse, New York to pursue a degree in Television, Radio & Film, and Music Industry at Syracuse University.

While in school, she was a studio manager and engineer at the S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications, an avid concert-goer, and fervent musician, creating music everywhere.

In 2019, Cassie started Capricious Productions and began working tirelessly to promote fairness in the music industry. 

In her spare time, Cassie enjoys traveling, writing, and creating in a variety of mediums.

Matt Farrelly (he/him/his)


Hailing from Wrentham, Massachusetts, Matt has always had an interest in music. Growing up, he played in garage bands, marching bands, and drum corps. 

Matt graduated from Syracuse University with a master's degree in Audio Arts in 2019 and spent an additional year recording and producing artists in Central New York.

Matt brings a combination of recording, mixing, mastering, and business administration experience to the Capricious team.

In his spare time, Matt enjoys spending time with friends, playing video games, and building puzzles.





Kyle Micho (he/him/his)

Kyle Micho is a singer-songwriter from Syracuse, New York, although his exact origins are widely disputed. Some say he came in a dream. Others swear it was a quick puff of smoke on the side of a misty gray mountain—so quick you’d miss it if you weren’t looking.

He draws influence from writers like Bob Dylan, John Lennon, Kurt Cobain, Paul McCartney, Elliott Smith, and even Jack Kerouac.

Some claim they’ve seen him performing/recording his music in Los Angeles, Syracuse, Nashville, New York City, and London. Some just sigh and say he’s trying to put together too many puzzles at once. Everyone has a story about Kyle Micho, and none of them are true. He may not even be real. It’s hard to tell.

Follow him everywhere @kyle_micho


Caitlin Barry (she/her/hers)

Caitlin is a classically-trained singer/songwriter from Syracuse, New York. Known for her powerful voice, Caitlin has sung across Central New York, from coffee shops to the Carrier Dome.

Caitlin's style draws influence from pop, rock, and R&B, and her musical palette is constantly expanding.

Her sound is a mix of classic artists like Stevie Nicks and Elton John, as well as modern artists like Harry Styles and Lady Gaga. She brings these inspirations to bi-weekly Instagram livestreams, where she performs a combination of covers and original songs.​

Follow Caitlin on...

Instagram: @caitlinbarrymusic_

Facebook: caitlinbarrymusic

YouTube: caitlinidol426


Carly Eaton (she/her/hers)

Carly Eaton is a singer/songwriter currently based out of New York. Blending different genres such as pop, country, and folk together to try and create a style all her own, she always knew music would play a huge role in her life.

As a 2020 graduate of the Audio Arts Masters program at Syracuse University, Carly is working on her experience both behind the board, in the studio, and on the business-side. She currently works for SoFar Sounds Syracuse and is a writer for Color of Music Collective. 

She loves sitting at the piano, putting on daily concerts in her car, and has never met an instrument she didn’t like.

Say hi to her at @carlyeatonmusic

Gill with the G (she/her/hers)

Gillian Pelkonen, affectionately known as Gill with the G, is a singer-songwriter from Long Island, New York. If she weren't sharing her wildly personal anecdotes with friends and strangers, Gill isn't sure where she would be. For her, music is her go-to source of comfort.​

Gill gives many thanks to the brave musicians who have paved the way for her music and draws inspiration from Taylor Swift circa 2006, Sara Bareilles (past, present, and future), The Head and the Heart, and the wonderful music professionals she has the honor to work alongside.

Follow her around the internet at @gillwiththeg



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Cassie Leachman and Matt Farrelly are featured on the Hunter's Fund podcast Young Entrepreneurship Series (YES!)


Young Entrepreneurship Series (YES!)

Hunter's Fund

Founders Cassie Leachman and Matt Farrelly speak with host Jacob O'Connor about being young entrepreneurs, winning a Hunter's Grant, their origins and mission, and offer advice to other young entrepreneurs and creatives. 


International Education with Cow

Learn International

Founders Matt Farrelly and Cassie Leachman join host Sarah Crawford to discuss the Capricious mission, how Capricious Productions turned from an idea to a reality, and how to be self-starters.


Hunter Watson Memorial Fund



Hunter Watson Memorial Fund Newsletter

Hunter's Fund

Capricious Productions is honored to receive a grant from the Hunter Watson Memorial Fund. This fund was established in the loving memory of Syracuse Universtiy student Hunter Watson. The Huntere Watson Memorial Fund uses their platform to raise awareness for and provide education on distracted driving.





The Candy Shop

Recording Studio in Syracuse, New York

The Candy Shop is a new recording studio in Syracuse, New York built with love and an unmatched passion for music by our good friends in the pop group CANDY. They have a GoFundMe open to assist with the expenses of building a studio, and we are proud supporters of their new space! 


Screen Shot 2021-02-09 at 6.07.54 PM.png



Podcast by R-Cade Productions

Smothered is a murder-mystery fiction podcast produced by R-Cade Productions. Join two detectives as they uncover the disturbing truth about a seemingly simple murder case. Capricious Productions is proud to have backed this creative endeavor. 


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Interested in working with Capricious Productions? We offer flexible, remote internships with the chance to get involved with our artists and clients, as well as work in a variety of disciplines within the music industry. 

We strive to give our interns real-world experience and work with them to tailor an internship that ties directly into their goals and interests. 

If you have further questions, please fill out the contact form above. 

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